Proper Lighting Techniques

This outdoor lighting project is a corrective analysis we use for education of proper lighting techniques to our potential clients. I learned these from my education from ILLI and my AOLP certified lighting designer courses.

This client had existing lighting installed by another lighting company, and after living with it for a year or so the client approached BOLT Outdoor Lighting Pros to design something new. They complained of light intrusion into bedroom windows as the main factor, then mentioned wanting lighting across other areas such as other peaks and the garages.

We noticed the original company had installed the same spotlight across all locations of home, and mounted the upper story spots in the gutter line, which is 8-12 feet away from the subject wall.

Our new design we mounted lower lumen miniature led’s closer to the upper walls to allow for preferred grazing illumination as well as stay on either side of bedroom windows. The lower lumens reduces glare. Being close to subject allows for grazing, when the previous was 10′ away it washed out subject wall eliminating any texture.

This new lighting method we have developed involves more fixtures to cover areas properly, non damaging installation using a screw-less roof mounting system. These miniatures fixtures have an energy savings over 250% from previous fixture choice.

This modern design solution Bolt is renown for allows to fully capture the full breathe of the home as well as accentuating the architectural elements of brick and stone, showing off it’s natural depth of both shadows as the light accentuates up.

In the end our client’s are sleeping better and are the envy of the neighborhood!