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Listening to your favorite music is rewarding for most. Especially when heard through a quality sound system; then it simply rocks. The dynamic outdoor sound systems we design and install deliver the results you want when outdoors. Scale-able to suit any area, customized to meet your outdoor living landscape space requirements. These outdoor sound systems produce an incredible dynamic audio range from lowest lows to the highest highs to allow crystal clear listening even at low levels. Utilizing our passion and experience as hobby musicians; the Bolt team in NC can properly design and install any size outdoor audio sound system to accurately accommodate your spaces.

How do I control the system? From the gate it is extremely easy via your smartphone. This is a convenient and popular way most clients start using their new audio system. More intuitive controls can be integrated into an automated home control system, such as Lutron, Crestron, Control4 or Savant your outdoor entertaining space can be added as an audio zone, allowing you to select any of the available sources (your audio library, streaming subscriptions, AV receiver or CD Player). This integration also allows for signal interruption when the phone or doorbell rings.

The Difference Between Indoor & Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor speakers are designed to endure the elements and to complement their environment. They are durable, blend in and match the surroundings, featuring water-tight enclosures. They are made to withstand the harsh extremes of sun, sand, snow, rain or even wind. All-weather speakers can be placed in various installation locations. Speakers can be mounted in the walls or ceilings of screened porches or decks or under the eave or on a tree branch. These exterior audio system speakers can be placed in an elegant planter on the patio, or installed in your landscaping resembling common spotlighting.

System Design meets Interior Design – The most important part of designing an outdoor audio system is proper speaker placement. With no obstructions, sound travels easily from yard to yard. In fact, a swimming pool or waterway can actually help to amplify it. Speakers offer varying dispersion patterns that can be aimed and controlled within a specified area for smooth, consistent volume. If you rely on having a pair mounted under the eave to cover a large area, the volume close to the source may be uncomfortably loud, while those at the edge of the patio can barely hear it. Or, while you may be listening at a comfortable level at your BBQ Grill, your neighbors may be subject to a rock concert. This is where a few well-placed landscape speakers would serve well, allowing for background level audio to play evenly throughout your space.