Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

What better way to light up your life than to invest in outdoor lighting? Outdoor lighting fixtures are attractive and functional sources of illumination that not only highlight your home’s best features, but also provide added safety, and extend your time outdoors.

Need some more reasons to invest in outdoor lighting? Let’s dive in!

1. Improved Security: Motion-Detector Lights vs. Constant Illumination
Are floodlights really the best way to protect your home at night?

Trespassers often seek out darkened homes where it’s easier to enter unnoticed. Floodlight beams activated by motion sensors may discourage potential interlopers, but they come with a minor caveat: intruders have to approach your home for the lights even to come on. By the time you get a warning sign, they might already be too close for comfort. Beyond that, motion sensors are imperfect. They can have blind spots, and occasionally, they won’t turn on, so they’re not exactly foolproof.

Rather than having sudden blasts or floodlights always on for extended periods, you might be better off installing beautiful, consistent illumination around your entire home. A home that is well-lit from all angles leaves fewer possible points of entry, and generally discourages trespassers from entering the property.

The less darkness there is, the safer you are. That’s why a well-balanced, naturally-lit outdoor lighting design scheme is the way to go.

2. Personal Safety
Speaking of security, good outdoor lighting can make your home safer in other ways as well. Lighting can change your life. While you, as a homeowner, know the challenges of your property’s landscape, guests and casual visitors might not, making them more vulnerable to slips, trips, and falls. In the darkness, putting a foot wrong can be hazardous, even more so for children, the elderly, and folks with disabilities. In fact, steps and entryways are the most likely locations for accidents to occur.

Safeguard against injury by keeping your property visible and well-lit. The peace of mind is a payoff in and of itself.

3. Entertaining
Aesthetics is the most obvious reason to install outdoor lighting. Not only does it create a lovely ambiance, but it’s also perfect for entertaining guests late into the evening. Without a doubt, outdoor lighting makes the biggest difference when creating the mood of your backyard event for hosting guests. You can hold the power in the palm of your hand – literally! Set the scene with remote-controlled on/off switches, dimming features, and even color-changing ability. Flipping the switch has never been easier.

4. Relaxation
Your backyard should be a place for you to relax and recharge your batteries. Outdoor lighting can turn your patio or poolside into a nighttime haven with a warm, inviting atmosphere. Let elegant illumination envelop you while you soak up the mental and physical benefits of the great outdoors.

Bolt Outdoor Lighting wants to make your home a better, safer, and more welcoming place to be. Whatever your reasons for wanting to illuminate your outdoors, choose Bolt to help light up your life. Watch some of our videos to learn more about how we can help provide a solution.