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Professional Outdoor Lighting Designers and Installers

From consultation to lighting designs to light installations we will be with you every step of the way! We help you discover the possibilities, designing an outdoor lighting solution-based system to best suit your needs on the property. We offer several color design choices through an affordable heavy-duty line of low voltage 12V led landscape light fixtures from BOLT lighting. Pricing for a fully installed BOLT lighting system starts varies based on your lighting design requirements. All outdoor lighting fixtures are priced mounted at ground level with the installation. We also offer referral rewards and discounts when multiple families sign up at the same time!

Step One:

Free Site Visit

We meet to discuss your property, goals and vision. We will lend our design creativity and lighting expertise, recommending elements we feel should be highlighted in your outdoor spaces and landscapes. Every lighting design job is custom, so we will show you our fixtures best suited to do the job and let you know why our outdoor lighting systems are the best. We discuss your budget in order to produce a realistic quote. All of our lights are expandable, so we don’t have to start out with an elaborate system and can always add to it later to extend your lighting design around the property.

Step Two:

Lighting Design & Quote

From our initial outdoor lighting design meeting, we take the measurements and site notes needed to accurately calculate costs and provide you with a detailed quote, sending the information via email along with references from other lighting design projects. For a fee, some clients may also choose to have us create a more detailed lighting design assessment with digital resources. We also offer 3D video designs for a virtual walkthrough of the lighting design project in order to gain more insight on how it will turn out once lit.

Step Three:

Lighting Installation & Unveil

Following the quote approval, the outdoor lighting installation process takes place in a timely manner at your request. Most times you do not need to be home for our lighting installations. We take care as to not disturb pets and plants, and you will see there is little aggravation to existing landscaping or property structures. Installation time depends on the size and scope of the outdoor lighting project; small projects can take only a day or two, while more involved designer projects are longer. Time to shine as we demonstrate and unveil your new professional outdoor lighting system!

Step Four:

Lighting Maintenance

After completion, we go over your new outdoor lighting system, its special features, warranty and what maintenance you should expect to keep it looking and running great for many years ahead. We provide you with our optional quality assurance lighting maintenance plan which provides periodic care to keep your lighting fixtures working as intended. This involves lens cleaning, moving fixtures from growing plants, adjusting beam angles and bulb replacements.