Community Pool Lighting for Safe Night Time Use

Pools are the go-to fun Summer activity for families. Safety is paramount and In order for them to be enjoyed at night, pools have to be lit properly and pass inspection set forth by local codes. Check with your local town or county requirements to make sure your community pool is safe enough to allow for night time use.

Bolt Outdoor Lighting Pros was recently asked to update this wonderful pool in the west part of Cary. We knew the lighting needed to be extremely functional, but we also wanted to be creative and bring a little fun to the project.

This community pool in the west part of Cary had to redo all the outdoor lighting. It was originally installed nearly 15 years ago when halogen systems were the standard. Fixtures were deteriorated, power supplies failed so we engineered in integrated LED lighting made in the USA for its longevity, energy savings, elegance, and superior illumination.

The property actually has 2 pools, a team lap pool and a younger depth pool with slide. So when we were to convert the systems to all LED we made sure to design in some elegant upgrades to provide a comforting feel and energy to the spaces.

First, we had to properly illuminate the pool decking- illuminating at least 8 feet from pools edge is a code requirement in Wake county. Everyone should be able to see where they are walking and avoid trip hazards. We replaced in-ground lighting where it was too close to the concrete decking, instead, we took the potential trip hazard and mounted up and out of the way in trees. We also discarded any tall path lighting and went with a side marker lamp as traditional path lights tend to get knocked over when kids are around playing.

We chose a mix of diffusion, wattage, beam angles and kelvin temperatures to offer a custom look for each subject illuminated as well as a good balance of brightness without overpowering the intended area or plant. Next, we outlined the perimeter landscapes with strategic placements of uplighting to provide some elegance to the trees and foliage providing scale and definition to the grounds as well as added comfort for guests knowing where boundaries are.

The water slide area provided us the creative challenge to properly light the walking path surrounding it and the staircase so people see clearly. Choosing a blue led to highlight the barrel slide added a fun level excitement for the kids to enjoy. Other things to consider are lighting the safety equipment as well as entrance/ exit. Pool safety signage and public phones are also required to be visible in case of emergencies.

Being safe is extremely important especially at community pools. but safe can be achieved with a splash of elegance and creativity also! With some thoughtful lighting design; outdoor areas can be enjoyed by all. For more information on pool lighting, or to get a free lighting consultation; contact us at