15 01, 2019

Creative & Functional Lighting Design Services

2019-01-16T11:16:13-04:00 lighting design|

Creative & Functional Lighting Designs are the hallmark to the outdoor lighting systems we install. We collaborate with our clients and take the time to properly analyze the architecture and landscape elements that will benefit with new lighting designs. Many factors go into a well-planned design such as: how the client wishes to use the property, how can we compliment the style of the home and landscape, how can we overcome the safety concerns? We blend these criteria and more into a design plan that we can then share confidently with our customers. Outdoor LED Lighting Designers near Raleigh at Your Service Our outdoor led lighting fixtures are first class and built to last; proudly made in the USA. So choosing which fixtures to use is the fun part with clients. As far as correct placement of the lights and how bright or dim certain areas should come to life at night, we are happy to provide a free estimate and discuss how our creative accent lighting solutions, along with our years of experience and our formal training in outdoor lighting will help to properly light up your outdoor architecture, pathways, gardens, trees and landscapes. Most recently we traveled to Oklahoma to attend a design technique & lighting application theory developed by the outdoor lighting [...]