17 04, 2019


2019-04-17T13:01:53-04:00 Landscape Lighting Design, LIT AWARDS|

The International Landscape Lighting Institute (ILLI) performs a week long intensive training course once per year for landscape lighting professionals. Learning the history of outdoor lighting, theory and concepts created from world renown landscape lighting designer Janet Lennox Moyer. Kevin Bolt Fontaine, owner/designer at Bolt Outdoor Lighting Pros, attended the 2018 ILLI course and we are pleased to say that the 2018 ILLI class Kevin attended has been selected as one of the winners in the landscape lighting category at the LIT Design Awards! The instructional class was held at the University of Oklahoma campus and the team designed and installed several outdoor lighting systems on the campus for the students to enjoy for a few days. Lighting has evolved into an art form. Janet Moyer and ILLI stress the importance of quality lighting design and correct installation technique and the class was thrilled to be apart of such an inspirational class. Professional Landscape Lighting LIT AWARDS Illuminating this mature tree requires tremendous design skill and professional execution. We had pro tree climbers to set over 8 low voltage lights up in this tree downlighting from the large tree on campus iluminates the walkway for students to navigate safely This wonderful observatory garden at Oklahoma campus provides students night time [...]