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Experience the Difference with BOLT Outdoor Lighting Designs

The BOLT Outdoor Lighting company in Apex near Raleigh North Carolina is a dedicated team of hard-working professionals who are creative and happen to love the lighting and its capabilities! Kevin is a creative designer and plans out the lighting placements, while Chris is our high energy salesman and installation manager. Our lighting design crews are courteous professionals delivering quality work with little disturbance to your property. Amazing customer experience is guaranteed with all our outdoor lighting design services!

Our design expertise and lighting knowledge provide you with a worry-free solution for all of your low-voltage lighting needs. We have many years of experience in lighting technology; from design, latest industry standards and proper installation techniques. We will help you discover the possibilities to enhance your property and enhance your lifestyle.

Already have a lighting system? Great! We also provide repairs, upgrades, and conversions with super-efficient LED bulbs. All this with our unsurpassed LIFETIME workmanship guarantee!

Outdoor Lighting is proven to increase value and security while showcasing the natural beauty of your home and landscape features. We create warm and inviting outdoor living spaces that can be experienced and enjoyed beyond evening hours and overall seasons. Add value to your home by spotlighting its distinctive features and highlighting the best elements of your landscaping, grounds, and gardens. Increase the safety and security of your home, helping to prevent accidents and deter intruders with illuminated entries, walkways, driveways and dark spots.

Kick SPENDY to the curb. The future keeps getting brighter as our super-efficient LED lighting systems not only last a long time but require very little power to operate. Matter of fact; LED is now 75% more efficient than the old halogen systems and provide that warm white glow we have grown to love.

Outdoor Lighting Provides Safety & Security

Security lighting does not have to be stark and cold. Elegance comes to mind when using BOLT lighting systems and services. Our bronze finished ourtdoor led lighting fixtures look elegant and provide improved safety on the property by highlighting dangerous elevations or dark areas to hide or fall. Proper outdoor lighting provides a welcoming and friendly atmosphere to your home or business but discourages unwelcome intruders from lingering. Properly lit grade changes and steps are also important to safeguard. Homes without security measures such as alarms and outdoor lighting are up to 300% more prone to vandalism. Security lighting is a beautiful thing and protects your property, guests, and family. It’s affordable elegance and peace of mind.